Sunday, November 11, 2007

No. 1 in Cat Butts!

I suppose it was inevitable. With my recent posts on cat butts here and here I have apparently established myself as an authority and am number 1 on a google search for 'cats BUT,S'(yes, someone did that search and got to my site). Okay, so it has to be badly capitalized and horribly puncuated for me to be number 1 but still...I'll take it.

The same search turned up a valuable homeschool tool, Cat's Arse pencil sharperners.

NOTE: Apparently I'm not the only one into cat butts. Check out Alasandra's dirty pictures - Alasandra: Charybdis is mooning us


Linda said...

LOL!!! We just got a kitten last week and she ALWAYS walks around with her tail up in the air revealing her lovely bu*t! My kids think it's hysterical!!

Linda said...

Forgot the http in my addy in my other post...sorry.

I love your blog and have been here quite a bit! Thanks for the fun posts!