Thursday, November 1, 2007

Some Great Books for Your Homeschooling Bookshelves

I finally ordered some books from a little Canadian used book site I've been admiring for some time. It's Home Educator's Resource Emporium and Sandra, the woman that runs it, always has some neat titles that I've never seen before. The books came in last night and some are much better than I expected so this is basically a brag.

Best Book of the Bunch:

Evolution Pop Up Bk (Early Discovery Book)

This one is fantastic! It's crammed with information and it's also a pop up book of the first order. Every pop-up enriches the text and they're more dynamic than any pop-up book I've seen before. From the brilliant illustration on the front cover to the diagram-covered back cover every single page is compelling and informative. The text itself is straightforward and clear and not written in the conversational style and riddled with the exclamation points that a lot of kids books seem to bave. Can you tell I love this book? Honestly, this is one everyone should have and I can't recommend it highly enough. I've got a nice link to it below the picture so you can go straight to Amazon and buy it. There are no excuses.

Best Book for Building Fun:

Bridges is just plain fun and I can't wait to get into it and try some of the building activities in it. It's got arches, suspension bridges, ropes bridges, features on bridge disasters and even, for us Canadians, a feature on the huge Confederation bridge that links Nova Scotia and PEI. Buy this one too!

Great Science Reading:

A really nice book with a good overview of the history of science from the ancient world to today. This is going to make a really nice jumping off point for exploring science.

Neatest Book for Storytime:

A nice retelling of a Japanese legend and the best part is that there are origami pages at the back the you can cut out and fold into the characters from the tale. However, it probably better if you make a colour copy and use that!

I have no handy link on this one so it may take some googling to find.

Two other books were Properties of Matter and a book called Ancient Times with a CD ROM that I couldn't find except on Amazon Japan. It's not spectacular anyway. Catherine is familiar with most of what's in it. Harry might like it though. The Properties of Matter book isn't back but it was obviously written for classroom use.

The first four are well worth buying however and you all NEED the Richard Hawkey book on evolution.

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