Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Uninspired But Working Well

I haven't been posting much about our actual homeschooling aroun here because for the last week it's sort of devolved into the basics. Catherine does a spelling test, a bit of grammar, reading to her brother and some work on her times tables. That's it. I haven't done anything formal with Harry. I'm sure we've done some interesting stuff on other subjects but I've been preoccupied with christmas and other concerns and haven't taken the time to write it done or really take notice.

I'm betting we'll have another week or two of the basics and then something will come along that will get us fired up again. I'm not going to force it right now because it's been three months of school work and we're coming up on Christmas anyway.

There is one bit of our work that's gotten much better. I bought Catherine a little school planner (a one dollar end-of-line type deal)a few weeks ago and she sat down and planned out her daily homeschool schedule. Even though history and science have sort of fallen off the map the last week she's been very good about doing her language arts and math ever since she wrote up her schedule. The girl that used to doddle and take an hour to finish one worksheet now plugs away with an eye to the time so that she can get on to math or reading ot lunch at the time she planned for.

It's been an amazing change that will serve us well when we get inspired again.

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Justyna said...

You know, the basics is what you need sometimes. We've enjoyed such amazingly beautiful weather this fall, that we "squandered" it all on spontaneous outdoor activities, trips and hanging out with friends. Now that it's colder we're doing some basics, and it is amazing how much ground you can cover. I was feeling a little nervous about not accomplishing anything "formal" earlier this year, but no more. Now, my homeschool binder is full of notes and sheets of the nature you describe. I'm sure it won't last. As you say, we'll get fired up to do something more exciting. For everything, there is a season...