Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Disqualify Yourself From the Homeschool Blog Awards!

Lynn has a post on the requirements for blogs nominated for the Homeschool Blog Awards:

Family friendly (G-rated) blogs only. Do not nominate a blog that has cussing (no potty mouth), photographic nudity (I’m not talking about one image of some sculpture from the 1500’s in an art post), sexual content, or hostility toward other bloggers.

I don't know. It seems to me that if you're running an awards thingee then the point is to have entries that people honestly think are the best, not ones that managed to make it through the screening progress. I certainly think that the people who run the awards thingee have the right to limit the entries, but the limits certainly don't help in the search for the best blogs.

My objection is mild. I don't really pay attention to the HBA's anyway and haven't got a chance in (here's where I disqualify myself! Potty mouth alert!) fucking hell of getting nominated let alone winning.

All is not lost however! Maybe Chris will ressurect the Evolved Homeschooler Blog Awards.

In the meanime, why not disqualify yourselves?


Anonymous said...

LOL! The f-word??? So much for your G-rating!

I hope I haven't started the ball rolling now! :O

I forgot to credit COD & Doc for posting the story - and giving me ideas!

skdenfeld said...

It's starting to sound like a schoolyard fight. Isn't this attitude in part, one of the reasons why a lot of us pick homeschooling in the first place?

Dawn said...

skdenfeld - I addressed your comments in a post. :)

COD said...

I like Docs idea better. Everybody should just make up their own awards and hand them out.

Dawn said...

I'm too lazy for that. :)

doc said...

Oh, I see the same stalkers that keep hitting my site are hitting yours too. That's so mature. Like, I'm so sure.