Sunday, November 25, 2007

More on Magic Crystals

A person read my post, Magic Trees and Burdocks and kindly emailed me a link to a site that's absolutely full to bursting with crystal growth formulas. Not only does the site have formulas and techniques but it also lists online source and has areviews of commercial kits. For the christmas season you could even use the sites plans to grow a snowflake!

When you're done perusing the crystal site go to the homepage of Wayne's This and That. This Wayne Schmidt fellow is one one gloriously curious man. Want jokes? Tips on eating chocolate? Soil testing kit reviews? Instructions on making a kaleidoscope? Recipe for the best vanilla pudding? An Etch-A-Sketch autopsy report?

It's all there!

When you've got a free hour or two grab a coffee and go through his site. It's a treasure trove and you'll be absolutely delighted with all the stuff he's got there.

And thank you Victor for letting me know about the site!


yofed said...

That's neat! When I was in Ontario, I found snowflakes, xmas trees like that, but the best was a whole landscape with crystals, flowers, trees and mountains!

And at the Museum of Natural history, I also found the "popcorn rock".... my son liked that a lot!

I'll try to find a link for you if I can...

Dawn said...

that would be awesome! Thank you!

yofed said...

barrellfullofmonkeys said...

Thanks so much for these links!!! My son is constantly asking to grow more crystals since working with a crystal kit this year for science. This will keep him occupied for hours!! :)

Kathy D.