Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Blog Reading Level

I originally saw this at Notes From a Homeschool Mom but notice that now Alasandra has a post on it as well.

Here's my blogs reading level:

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I have no idea how they arrive at that. Taking my last post and the posts it linked to into consideration, I haven't got a lot of confidence in their rating.


Almost Lazarus said...

It must be random, that's all I can figure. I also received a genius scoring, and the most cerebral thing I've blogged about lately is four letter words. Everyone on my blogroll is a genius though. That's a fact.

Frankie said...

I got a genius rating, too. I had a good chuckle because I figured with my blog, it had to take a genius to figure me out. lol

I have no idea how they rate it.

Ahermitt said...

I actually ran all my blogs through this test, and 'Notes' was the only one that came up genius... but I do more freeflow writing in this one... the others are mostly links.

I did some further evaluation with other sites and found that a high number of syllables per average word is what causes the genius ranking.

Dawn said...

So I just have to keep using big words to keep my ranking up? :)

Thanks for the info!