Friday, November 30, 2007

Looking to Buy a Microscope?

We certainly are. Maybe not this year but sometime soon and I've read page after page of recommendations to try and educate myself. Then comes PZ over at Pharyngula with the most wonderfully informative, straightforward and practical guide to buying a microscope for kids that I've ever come across - Holiday microscope shopping.

He clearly gets what kids need. Cheap microscopes are dismissed. Compound microscopes get the thumbs down too for their fussy slides preparations. In the end it's the stereoscope or dissecting scope that gets the nod and I think his best reason for it is that there's, "enough space for someone to put their hand under there and look at nifty dermal papillae or scabs or their pet gerbil, without squishing or cutting them into thin sections." No fiddling around and lots of opportunity for touching what's being examined.

PZ also supplies links to sites where you can purchase the stereoscopes. I'll add Boreal Northwest for those who want a Canadian supplier.

Thank you PZ!


Anonymous said...

We bought an Eyeclops for Michael for Xmas when we were in the States for $40. He'll love it. We've got a cheap microscope and one with a screen view and a geoscope, the geoscope gets pulled out most so the Eyeclops should be a hit.

barrellfullofmonkeys said...

First the link for making your own crystals, now this? Are you spying in my brain or something? Finding the right microscope for next year has been a big focus of mine recently. Really, you're starting to freak me out :)

Kathy D.

Dawn said...

Kathy - You didn't know? That's WHY I grow the crystals - They help with the brain-spying! :D