Friday, November 9, 2007

Math in the Morning?

Well, it's sort of math. I handed Catherine a bunch of art supplies and a piece of bristol board and told her to write down a times table that's been causing her trouble in as many different ways as she could, over and over and over again. I'm hoping she comes out of it with the table drilled into her skull. Who knows - it might work.

We did do a spelling test but I decided to go with the crafts approach in math because her cousin is coming up to spend the night and that means her brain cells have turned to little quivering balls of anticipatory excitement. We might try some worksheets a little later but I'm not optimistic.


kitten said...

KB, bless her heart, would always get mixed up with adding and subtracting. But she has done good so far as multiplying. She really enjoys it. Matter fact, this is the 1st time she has liked school at all.
Yours will get it it in time. I like the art idea.

Choi Family said...

hi dawn,

Da Hye is struggling with her multiplication too. I don't know when she will master the basic. Not very soon I guess.

Dawn said...

I should report that this worked liked a charm. As Catherine worked I also drilled. Not constantly but kept sneaking in with questions. By the end of that day she had that table memorized and it's stuck with her!