Monday, October 22, 2007

My Theme of the Week...Cat Butts

More cat butts but first a rundown of our homeschooling day.

AVKO spelling which is going fantasticly. Even though we started a whole new group of word families Catherine's caught on quickly as she's seeing the parts of a word rather than just the letters.

Easy Grammar...Well it was Easy Grammar. Boring as all get out but effective.

Math was JUMP Math. I'm pretty sure we'll be switching to Teaching Textbooks in the new year (grade 5 as they don't have a grade four and Catherine will probably be okay with it anyway) but I thought I'd try this one out to give Catherine a small break from Singapore Math. It's Canadian and written by mathematician and award winning playwright John Mighton. He is a very neat fellow and this curriculum has been getting glowing reviews, especially for kids who've been left behind in terms of math skills in public schools. A free fractions unit is available for download (once you register) and that's what we tried today. I don't know enough yet to give much of an opinion but I do like the crisp layout and the detailed teacher's guide.

On to Story of the World. We're back to ploughing through it. Catherine is finally tired of Egyptians and Greeks and is getting a little curious about the blasted Romans. I just finished a lecture series about them and I have to admit they were redeemed just a bit in my eyes...Up until senators started bludgeoning agitators anyway. Once I find my copy of the Aeneid I may just read it.

I finally got around to making up some Latin and Greek roots flash cards and we had a bit of fun with some drilling. It never fails to surprise me how much Catherine likes tests, quizes and drills. Here's a site I use with the biggest list of Latin and Greek roots I could find on the internet.

But now for the cat butt. Turns out, as I mentioned in my post title, it's turning into a theme. Story of the World took a little detour and we heard a bit about Africa and Anansi. Off I went in search of coloring pages. And I found this...

Yep. That's a jaguar farting. It's part of this little lesson plan on an Anansi story. Of course I had to print it out for Catherine so that she could listen to me read the story, colour the farting Jaguar and giggle the whole time. Someone took a lot of care to craft that cat butt.

Don't I provide the most awesome resources?


kitten said...

Don't I provide the most awesome resources? Yes, you do. ROFL!

Susan said...

Poof...that drawing is too funny. Reminds me of a couple of guys....:-)

Dawn said...

LOL! Jaguar has a couple of soul mates in my house too.

Dana said...

Ok, that is funny! And it never ceases to amaze me how much my daughter likes drills and worksheets, either. It must be something with the age...or maybe the independence. She can do them on her own without my help which is a big deal for my little Mouse, the independent one.

I can't stand worksheets and drill, but some thing you just have to swallow, I guess.

Dawn said...

I think the fact that my duaghter never HAD to do the worksheets and drills in school is another reason she enjoys them. I've got too many bad asscoiations but she has none of that.