Friday, November 30, 2007

Day by Day Advent Calender!

Starting tommorrow I'll be writing a post a day with an advent theme, in effect creating an advent calender to countdown to Christmas! I'll have online games, a couple of downloads, crafts, classic moments from online christmases past and a few contributions from Youtube.

This will be a secular advent calender. The Christmas season of Advent starts on Sunday and if anyone wants a most excellent online calender for that full of activities, crafts, stories and bible readings check out the Advent Calender at

I'm inviting everyone to join me and I promise that I'll provide you with at least a couple of moments rest from holiday planning and panic and a bit of time for the family to have some fun while gathered around the computer. Tommorrow I'll start with something that had me hooked instantly and my five year old giggling for hours.

Happy holidays!

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