Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Our Work for the Day

Spelling, copy work and multiplication today. Since I unshackled us from what curriculum we were using I've noticed that she's really getting some mastery of what we're covering. Easy Grammar for instance has been put aside so we could concentrate on suffixes. The last sheet of an ABC Teach group of worksheets was finished yesterday and Catherine had really improved. We'll go back to EG when she's mastered suffixes but not before.

Math was a drill sheet from and a good hour and a half of playing Timez Attack. It's the same approach here. I've stalled Singapore Math until she's got a really handle on her times tables.

Science and art are up this afternoon so we'll research Beryllium and make up a card for our poor, neglected periodic table. Art will be a GeeART lesson and though Catherine's looking forward to that she's REALLY waiting to pull out the paint-by-number kit we got last night. That will come tomorrow when my 4 year old niece isn't here because I know that if she saw Catherine doing it today she'd be aching to join in.

What I'm really excited about however is the parcel from the Home Educator's Resource Emporium. Yes, I ordered more books from Sandra. They came today but I don't have a way to get to the Post Office so I had to call and beg my sister to pleeeeease go pick them up and bring them to me. She should be here any moment!


kitten said...

Kb loves Timez Attack! Just not able to do full down load at this time. she is really getting into learning math this year and I'm glad she has finally found something that she can rise in!
Take care!

Dawn said...

Ditto. I'm just happy we have it because frankly I hate drilling Catherine on math facts. Good thing there are video games to do the work for me!