Tuesday, October 16, 2007

My Cat's Butt Glitters in the Sun

...Because he sat on the glitter glue picture my son has been working on for the last two days.

Then the dog scared him and he tore off the table into the living room with the picture still firmly attached to his butt.

Scared of the paper he finally stopped to wrestle it off leaving a print from his butt and the paper on the carpet.

He then jumped into the linen closet where I grabbed him just before he could stamp the clean towels with his butt.

I grabbed some paper towel and scrubbed his butt as he hissed and yowled at me.

Then I tossed his butt out of the house.

As he skulked away, his butt glittered green in the sunlight.

I may never buy glitter glue again.


Anonymous said...


Not Jenny said...

Funniest thing I have read all day!! Thanks for the giggle!

Anonymous said...

(sniff) That was such a heartwarming story. Thanks for sharing ;)

Dawn said...

You're all welcome.

An update:

The glue, and attached hair, has come out now. So when this happens to your cat just let it dry and he will take care of it. If you try to hold the cat down while your husband waves scissors around it's ass, you will be hurt.

Trust me.

concernedCTparent said...

Just when I thought I couldn't laugh anymore, I read your last comment.



Heather said...

LOL! There IS a worse mess than glitter glue. It's glitter glue attached to a wiggling, moving, fur-covered mess with claws. Thanks for the heads-up.

Rebecca said...

Of course, it's sooo much funnier that it was the cat and not the dog.
I'm sure the cat does NOT appreciate the fact that he has made me laugh so hard, either!

Anonymous said...

Ohmygosh, I just saw your link to this on WTM. Couldn't stop laughing!!! Cat butt prints on towels, that's definitely one-of-a-kind, ROFLOL!!

Kristine out of lurking

(Still LOL!!)