Thursday, November 8, 2007

Blog Plug - The Angry Astronomer

A while back I read an excellent post, The Big Bang – Common Misconceptions, by Jon Voisey, The Angry Astronomer. The post outlined misconceptions surrounding the Big Bang and gave me a lot of help when it came to explaining the matter to Catherine. It was also a really popular post with tons of comments and about a year old when I read it.

Despite the age of it I still left a comment to thank him and let him know he'd been helpful with our homeschool science. And he wrote back! Not only did he write back but he offered aid if I ever needed further help with astronomy!

I'm a sucker for a good science blog (and his is one) and a good science blog that tackles the politics surrounding science and religion (and his is one) but most especially I'm a sucker for a blog where the author is as receptive and willing to help as Jon Voisey is.

I haven't taken him up on his offer yet but I thought I'd plug his blog as thanks and let other homeschoolers know about a great resource.


Jon Voisey said...

Thanks for the plug. I've been too busy with classes this semester to do as much posting as I'd like, but I'm still pretty good about responding to Emails. ;)

Dawn said...

Oh heck, you've still got a great bunch of past posts that are a great help.