Thursday, November 22, 2007

Cooking Mama

My daughter asked me yesterday if I could find some cooking games for her to play on the computer.


Cooking games. *sigh* What kind of geek am I raising?

I googled and came up with this site which has a TON of cooking games. Who knew? One winner was Sushi Go Round and I have to admit, it wasn't just winner with Catherine. I was in their, wrapping up sushi and pushing saki on customers too. Very fun.

This evening I was browsing the Scholastic catalogues my sister's daycare gets and there was Cooking Mama, a cooking game for the Nintendo DS! Holy rabid cow Batman!

So guess what Catherine's getting for Christmas.

Not from Scholastic though. They want $29. Amazon shall likely have my money.


Heather said...

These kind of games are my kids' favorites too. I can't wait to show these to the kids!

kitten said...

WOW! Who would of thunk it. KB plays and they have it some where, she can find it, you can make different kind of meals. Maybe till then you could try that and see if your little one likes it. I 'm not sure which game site there has it, but when KB wakes up I'll ask!

Anonymous said...

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