Friday, November 16, 2007

Make Your Own Mattress!

I've been looking into DIY concrete countertops and sinks for one reason or another and somehow that got me to a site where a person describes making their own mattress. A mattress is just one of those things I thought you needed a factory for. I'm starting to think there are a lot of things I could make myself and actually don't need a factory for.

Anyway, here's the link! It sounds like a very comfortable mattress.

Here's a diagram of a foam mattress should anybody want to do some research!


Almost Lazarus said...

Have you seen this?

I saw it one day flipping channels, and was impressed enough to bookmark it. Not that I'd ever DIY, but maybe one day I'll have a crafty son-in-law or something.

Dawn said...

Saw and bookmarked that!:)

Susan said...

I just talked to someone who did a concrete countertop. She had a pal that knew concrete and it was around $300 or so American bucks for the materials. I don't know how big her countertop was, but she loves it.

A sink is intriguing. The sink is stained from our iron water.Our grout is chipping out and I've dropped a couple of things here and there on tile and they don't like that. It's time for renewal.
I think you've put me on a new expedition. :-)
I haven't even looked at the mattress link yet.

Anonymous said...


Although I've just bought a new memory foam mattress so don't think I'll be taking to building one any time soon!!