Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Link to the New Blog....

The Crafty Thrifter

Forgot to put it in the last post. D'uh. So what's possibly the last post on this blog was written to correct (for those RSS subscribers who might not click to the blog) what I thought might possibly be the last post on this blog but now isn't.

Sheesh. You've got to follow the new blog. How will you guys live without the bumbling?

New Blog

This may be the end of this blog. I can't muster any interest in posting about our homeschooling days right now. Too much reality and right now I need some escapism.

Fear not though. I have a new blog where I'll indulge in fantasy. All about thrifting (buying other peoples junk) and crafting. Pop over if this this interests you. Or if I interest you. Or if it doesn't interest you but you want to see a picture of a puppy eating splattered lasagna.

Hope to see you guys there!

ETA: Oh yes, the link...The Crafty Thrifter (because The Thrifty Crafter was taken).