Friday, November 23, 2007

Wait a Minute...

So I'm looking at christmasy sites and activities and I stumble across a site where some soul has put together a little arrange-the-manger activity. I thought the art was a little naive but was having fun stacking animals and wise men in a tower when I noticed something amiss.

Here's the site, Arrange the Nativity Scene.

Who can tell me what's missing?

And I bet most people will suspect what it is before they even click on the link!


Not June Cleaver said...

We had a tiny baby Jesus in our set when I was growing up, but we never put him in the manger until Christmas morning. Maybe they are weird like us? Or maybe he's just so tiny, you can't see him in that manger?

skdenfeld said...

Jesus and Joseph. Which of those guys are suppose to be Joseph?

Dawn said...

I'm pretty sure Joseph...Oh wait, you're right. I was thinking Joseph was the guy with teh shepherd's crook but that would be the shepherd wouldn't it. joseph would be carrying around a hammer if he really had brought his tools to the birth!

Good Catch!