Wednesday, February 25, 2009

For Real This Time.

The cable man is coming this morning to take away my high speed internet. I'm not sure when I'll get the internet connection sorted out at the other house so I could be back on the weekend or it might have to wait until Monday.

Either way, this is the really real good bye. Next time I post I'll be in the new house!

Monday, February 23, 2009

A Guessing Game

I know I said I wasn't going to post but...I don't know. Maybe knowing I'll be withut high speed in two days is inspiring a sort of post rush. Regardless, I have a riddle for you all.

Harry and I played a game today. We watched TV and as we did we would call out "down" or "up". If we called out "up" I would grab Harry and tickle him. If we called out "down" we would simply sit in suspense. There were many, many downs and only the occasional up.

Can you guess what we were watching?

I Just Have to Say This About Sean Penn.

I've already heard people speaking up on message boards about how insulting they found Sean Penn's acceptance speech. He implied, they say, that anyone who voted for Prop 8 was motivated by hate.

Sean Penn drove past this on Oscar night:

It seems to me that the best way to put the lie to what they think Sean Penn said would be to completely and totally condemn the Westboro Baptist Church. Further, to actively campaign against their message of hate, especially as it relates to gay people.

It's a very easy thing to get righteously indignant when you feel you've been slighted. It's a much harder thing, but immeasurably more powerful, to defend the targets of violent hate.

The trick is that the rest of us have to believe you love gay people more then a political agenda. That you find hatred more offensive then gay marriage. That you are more willing to fight against hatred then to feel insulted.

Anything less simply suggests that maybe Sean Penn had a point.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

I'll be Back in One Week.

Okay. This is it. Only a few more days until closing on both this house and the one we're buying.

I'm going to take a break from posting until next Sunday when hopefully we'll have the basics set up in the new house and I'll have my computer hooked up to our new, lightning fast dialup account (sob!). At that time you'll get pictures of the move (after I take them to my sister's and upload them to photobucket - double sob). Wish me luck!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Shhh! It's a Surprise!

With the move only one week away we're picking up some furniture we'll need. Last week we found a 7 piece Maple dining room set for $450 on Kijiji. This week I ordered a new mattress set for us and a mate's bed for Catherine from Sears. This weekend we pick up a bed for Harry.

This is the bed:

Cool, eh? Harry will be thrilled.

Now, if we were buying new we probably would have gone for something more mature and bed-like but since this one won't cost much we couldn't resist. If he only gets a couple of years out of it it will still be worth buying. The hood is a toy chest and the roof is, as pictured, a most excellent play space. It looks like it might need a touch up or two but that's not a big deal.

The thing is, Harry doesn't know. I know, the husband knows, Catherine knows but Harry doesn't. We'll pick it up and store it until Friday and then, while the kids are at they're grandparents, we'll move it to the new house with the rest of the stuff and set it up for him. And we'll not say a word until he sees it.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Places a Nintendo DS Can Take You

My daughter has 100 Classic Books for her Nintendo DS. She loaded it up yesterday and started looking through the titles which range from Dickens to Shakesspeare, from the Bronte sisters to Jane Austen. There are also quite a few childrens book; Alice in Wonderland, The Secret Garden, Black Beauty...I originally got the "game" not because she'd had any interest in it but just because I thought it couldn't hurt to have that as a choice amidst all the Petz and Mario games.

So tonight I asked her to grab her book and head into our room (her brother was going to sleep in the room they share) for quiet time. She said no and instead grabbed the DS.

"Catherine! That's not a book."

"Yes it is. I'm reading Black Beauty on it. I already finished the first chapter. It's about a horse, you know!"

I know. I tried to read the book at her age and found it dreadfully boring. But her eyes lit up when she told me she was reading it so she's obviously getting something I didn't.

How cool is that though? Not only is her DS a reader but it's also how she's being introduced to some classic literature. There's a story for those who turn up their noses at video games systems.

Monday, February 16, 2009


It's going to kill me, this waiting to move thing. I'm not good with anticipation. Waiting for something big is almost painful and this new house thing is huge. 11 more days.

See, I still can't get to sleep, stay asleep or sleep in at Christmas. When I get a parcel card in the mail it's absolute torture if I have to wait before I can run to the post office. And those are short term things.

My solution lately has not been a good one. I turn on the TV or the computer and basically surf the day away. The kids, with few toys left to play with and Mommy mentally absent, take the opportunity to annoy each other like never before. I'm going to have to get off my butt and have some fun with the kids. For their sanity as well as mine.

Either that or take up drinking.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Guess that Genre

Harry came up to me while I was on the computer. He said he wanted me to find some music for him. I asked him what kind.

Him: "The kind that goes like this...Da da da DA, da da da DA."

Me: "Um, that's helpful but do you know what kind of music it is?"

Him: "It's the coooool music."

Not helpful.

Me: "Could you tell me where you might have heard it?"

He rolled his eyes and then ran to the living room. He came back with his Thomas the Tank Engine hat on...Backwards. Then his folded his arms and thrust out his chin.

Him: "This kind of music, Mom."


Me: "Hip hop?"

Him: "Yeah! Hip hop!"

He's now happily spinning around the kitchen floor to Kanye West.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Stay off my Doorstep.

I had a visit from my JW lady. She comes around a few times a year and I generally look forward to her visits. She's pleasant and it's a nice break in the day.

Not today though. Today she thought she'd tell me about all the signs that the end times are upon us and topping the list, bigger then murder and disease, were those filthy gays and lesbians.

I didn't say anything. I should have but it often seems to be in those moments when I really should say something that words fail me.

Damn it.

Ah well, it's good to know that if she manages to show up at the new house (it's only 10 minutes up the road) I'll no longer feel any obligation to listen to her, to be polite or even to open the door to acknowledge she's there.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

House Inspection

We had the house inspection today. The inspector was pleased, said we were lucky and that it was nice to inspect a house without any real problems. And he loved the view. Everybody loves the view. And why not, today we looked out the window and saw a windtower that is about 25 miles from the house. Wowsers.

An added bonus - he said that although the cedar shingles have had a coat of something-or-other put on them to maintain their colour we don't have to maintain that. We can simply let it wear off and let the shingles silver over time. Which is what I'd prefer anyway as I've always wanted a house with silver cedar shingles. I had thought that once they were shellaced or what ever it was that was done, they always had to be. Not so! Whoo hoo!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

We Got the House

Part me can't believe this. We're supposed to live in little cheap houses where there's always a long list of stuf to be done. Not a new build that looks spectacular and only needs some trim.

The inspection is on Saturday and we close on the 27th.

Monday, February 2, 2009

The Decision

Last night we looked at one last house. It was a huge century home with a 1 acre lot in the middle of a nearby village. It had a wrap around deck. It had gorgeous firplaces all over the place. It had hardwood floors and original trim. It had a 21 by 13 kitchen with acres and acres of cabinetry and countertop. It had a ton of charm and was drop dead gorgeous. When we left the house we knew we were down to two house. The old charmer in a village or the rural new build.

Well, after we slept on it there was one house we were still thinking about. The new house in the boonies. This is it:

This is the kitchen:

This is the living room:

This is the whirlpool corner bathtub in the master bath (the door leads to the, ahem, master deck):

This is the fish/skating pond:

If we get the house I'll snap a picture on a nice day and post a picture of the view because the view is amazing. Ultimately, it's where this house is that made it the favourite. 10 minutes further away from everything then our current house but when you're staring out the front window it feels like years away from everything.

The one bad thing? I'll be on dial up. And I just realized that means that when I snap that picture of the gorgeous view it will take me absolutely forever to upload it to this blog. Oh my.

Anyhow, we make an offer tommorrow! Wish us luck!