Sunday, November 25, 2007

Evolved Homeschooler Tie!

Lynn put the Evolved Homeschooler design on a tie! It looks awesome and is just the most perfect Christmas gift for any and every evolved homeschooling Dad out there. She's donating proceeds to the National Center for Science Education.

I still have the Cafepress store up and it's rung up a little bit of profit. Plans to donate to St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital never really got off the ground since they haven't reponded to my emails (yes, that's plural) for the information I need to send the profit directly to them. Granted, I could have it sent to me and mail it to them but I would really, really prefer the money go directly to where it's supposed to go. So the $10 or so has sat at Cafepress awaiting inspiration. Maybe Lynn's idea of donating profits from her tie to the NCSE would be a good place for the Cafepress profits to? It seems really fitting considering the message of the logo.


Liberal Homeschooler said...

Don't give up on St. Judes!

St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
Memphis, TN 38018

Dawn said...

You know, The money that is sitting there WAS raised on the pretense that St. Jude's would be getting the profits so it wouldn't be right if I donated it somewhere else now.

I wanted it to be a direct donation too but I suppose I could just make a personal donation of the amount raised by Cafepress and just have them send the check to me. That's exactly what I wanted to avoid but I could do that and meanwhile try again to get in touch with them so I can get the info to make the proceeds go directly to them.

This is why I blog...Because I have no sober second thought process.