Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Sometimes It's Better to be the Enemy

Barry at Kitchen Table Math has a post on some very unhelpful tips from the NEA for parents who want to help support their kids. The kicker is the guide on helping a child who wants to become an engineer. Go read Barry's post for priceless excerpts and the comments following.

What a friend school parents have in the NEA. You american homeschoolers should be glad they're your enemy!

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sevenwhiskers said...

uh oh... my "6th grader" and I were out flying paper airplanes the other week and measuring the distances that different styles flew...am i gonna get a big red F on my homeschool mom report card? :-o

heh. just teasin' ya ;-) ... she's only 10 and just come out of public school -- her math skills are nowhere close to "grade 6" and this was actually just a fun way to get her measuring..she's an active kid and this was a lot more engaging for her than bookwork with measurements :-P

(it was also a lesson in "mom can't build a very good plane" because my superduper screamin' skyflyer crashed and burned *pout* )