Monday, November 5, 2007

Real Life Word Problem

So, you have 20 minutes before the store where you left your wallet closes. You reach a sign that says the exit ramp you're gunning for (and that the store is beside) is 27 kilometres away. If you travel the speed limit which is 110 kms/hour, will you make it in time?

I didn't actually do that math. I saw the sign and decided to take a calculated risk and go 120 kms/hour (since there's 60 minutes in an hour it's easy to figure I could do each km in 30 seconds). I figured I would make it in about 13 or 14 minutes and yet hopefully not be fast enough for any RCMP car to bother with.

This was last night. We'd stopped at Wal-Mart on the way home from my parent's house and I left my Day Planner/wallet in the shopping cart when we walked out of store.

I arrived with minutes to spare and got my wallet. Thank goodness for math.

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