Sunday, September 30, 2007

Evolution of My Blog.

I'm not a big fan of memes, or I wasn't, but Lynn tagged me and I really can't tell her to shove off. Of all the bloggers I know she's one of the ones I have the most respect for (besides, I'll get her back one of these days).

The meme;

The idea is that I list five old posts that I think are reflective of the evolution of this blog … In addition, I am to “tag” (”meme?”) five other blogs and they must do the same thing else suffer the usual dire consequences.

Maybe I'm not a fan of memes but this one actually sounds sort of neat.

1) First Post! I even named the first post, 'First Post.' I introduced myself and stated the goals of this blog:

First, to motivate myself. Haven't done too badly with that one.

Second, so friends and family can check up on us. Hahaha! There's not a chance in hell I'd want all my family and friends checking this blog out anymore. Some yes but I just know that others would be all over me over some of the posts I tend to write.

Third, to give other homeschoolers an idea of an unschooling or homeschooling
Okay, I'm still sort of doing that. I've added resource links to the mix but I still get some daily accounts up.

2)Evolved Homeschooler The crowning acheivement of my blog - The Evolve fish logo. This is when I firmly took a step out of just being a personal blog and joined the larger secular blogging community. And look at all those comments! I felt like a star. :)

3)I Like Me! I Really Like Me! A post where I let myself get completely silly. Once I posted that one I felt a little freer in putting a bit more humour into my posts.

4) A Response. Part, the first. This was a good moment. This post and another were meant lightheartedly but taken the wrong way by the target. It could have devolved into a nasty spat. Instead we both took a breath, worked it out and ended up respecting each other. I used to cherish a good spat but this incident changed my view on that.

5)When You're a Bitch The post where I learned that if I post about the bad stuff and not only would people not judge me but they'd hand me a cup of tea and give me a pat on the back. I think that post cemented the idea that blogging was for me, at it's core, building communities.

I'm tagging...EJ, Kitten, Lisa, Not June (does being 'Not June' mean she doesn't really have to do it?) and the lady who's Barefoot in the Backyard!


kitten said...

Okay! I'll take your challenge. I hope it's not as hard as it looks. LOL!

Not June Cleaver said...

I'm thinking that being Not June definitely means I don't have to do it!

You should have heard me say "Aaarrrrrgh!" when I spotted my name on your tag list. I was reading this meme at Lynn's blog and hoping I would escape it! But it does look like fun, just a lot of work. So eventually I'll do it. But as usual, I probably won't tag 5 people. I'll have to suffer the dire consequences. ;)

Dawn said...

I wasn't going to tag anyone either but then I figured, if I have to suffer, why not everyone else? :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Dawn,

What a nice thing to say. And, it really means a lot to me coming from you. I have a lot of respect for you, too! :)

Now, off to read your posts!

Not June Cleaver said...

Hey Dawn. FYI, I finally got around to doing this last night!

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!