Tuesday, September 11, 2007

For Monday and Tuesday

Yesterday we actually did the work I'd planned. Not that it was a lot, a couple of pages from Catherine's World Map Skills book and a Calculadder drill but heck, we did it. The map skill pages were related to SOTW with maps of prehistoric sites and also fit in well with the capitalization we were doing Friday as there were a lot of proper nouns to write down (England, Caspian Sea).

Today we listened to Horrid Histories; The Savage Stone Age. This is absolutely crazy stuff. I'm really not sure if we learned much that was new to use but we certianly enjoyed it. It's full of slapstick skits and outrageous humour surrounding certain subjects like the beginnings of language and Stonehenge and though it does contain a lot of good, solid information it's sometimes a little hard to understand when the accents get a little think. Still, definately a useful resource.

Another Calculadder drill. Catherine beat the first level but hasn't yet made the second in under two minutes. She knows the answers but gets a little to caught up n writing them, not willing to sacrifice a perfectly written '2' to the stopwatch. Incidently, here's a link for FreeWatch, the little software application I use for timing her. I am such a sucker for cute little apps.

Catherine also helped me prepare supper. We're having Albondigas, a salsa and meatball soup that's perfect for a cool fall day. She read the recipe, peeled carrots, added the bouillon and defrosted and added the meatballs (I buy gr. beef in big packs and portion it up before freezing).

Harry said goodbye to a friend today. The neighbour's great grandson who was coming over to play while the family sorted out matters of a death in the family flew home. Thankfully not before they had one last go at the Lego and exchanged hugs and kisses. Hopefully they'll be back next year. I only wish that the friends my kids made and really, really clicked with didn't always seem to be the ones that had to move or live a fair drive away.


kitten said...

Glad yall seemed to have such a great day.
Thanks for rhe recipe!! Sounds yummy! Can't wait till I try it.

Dawn said...

Just a warning...Make sure you use at least medium salsa. My husband, for some reason, bought mild. The soup was okay but didn't have any bite.