Saturday, September 29, 2007

Funky Zebras

I forgot one award in my last post. Not actually an award but more of an endorsement. You may have seen this in my sidebar - I am officially Whore Church approved (and what good christian woman isn't?).

If you haven't noticed the link in my sidebar, shame on you. It's damn funny stuff.

Oh, and yes, I know my title has nothing to do with the subject but I realized I'm now listed at Homeschool Blog Buzz and having my post pop up there as "Whore Church" might bring some unwanted attention from some of the more conservative readers of that site.

And besides, Zebras are funky.

1 comment:

Kevin Scott said...

You are a brave person. I can't imagine how many good Christian folks are going to be offended by using a phrase taken right out of the scripture.

Maybe I need to provide them with a proof text?