Monday, September 10, 2007

Husband's Orders

I think the great thing about being married is that you've got someone who, when he/she sees you're doing something dumb or not doing something you need to, will put their foot down and order you around. My husband, fed up, has done that with me.

The issue is my clothes. Rather, my lack of clothes. I really don't have much that's suitible to wear outside the house and when I'm inside the house I'm wearing his shirts and pants and socks and sweaters. Needless to say this bothers him on two counts. One, I've generally gotten to his clothes before he has and two, I usually look like an unattractive lump of cotten blends. So just recently he put his foot down.

I am now under orders to put away half of the money I earn babysitting for clothes. I cannot spend it on books, homeschool stuff or computer crap. I cannot spend it on used clothing or cheap stuff from the local Bargain Shop or Walmart that will fall apart and be unwearable in a month.

This sort of sounds a little old fashioned with the husband setting down rules for the wife but frankly I've found that having equal footing in a relationship doesn't have to mean every decision needs to be a respectful discussion between the two partners. Sometimes you just need to tell the other person to shut up, sit down and do what you're telling them. And sometimes, when your partner does that, you need to listen and do it.

So I'm under orders to shop for clothes. Now I have to sit him down and tell him that tommorrow, he's going to go up to the local gym and get that membership he's been talking about for 6 months. And he doesn't have a choice in the matter. He's under orders.


kitten said...

Good for him. you deserve some new clothes. I need to hold back money for myself, but I guess I'm like you, put family before yourself. Can't wait to hear about your new wardrobe.

Sue Doe-Nim said...

ooh, he really does love you!

Before and after pictures please.

Dawn said...

I don't know about before pictures. I think I might be a tad embarrassed.:)