Tuesday, September 4, 2007

First day back

Today was the first official day of school work here although we've been working up to it for a few weeks. It was an easy start with some review of multiplication concepts with Catherine. We'll be using Math Mammoth again for this.

Catherine needs some work on her writing skills so I did a quick search for writing prompts and came with a collection of worksheets from abcteach here. She had a great time designing her alien and spent over an hour carefully thinking about and printing out her answers to questions on the sheet. I'd never seen her pay such carefull attention to her writing before.

We also started Story of the World over again. Why? Well, I ordered a SOTW workbook from a used curricullum email list and it has lots of related activities in it that Catherine thought looked neat. Not wanting to miss out she thought it might be neat to just start from the beginning again. We'll use the activity book and I've also found some more online resources to make this go 'round a little deeper. Today we simply listened to the First Nomads section as Catherine did some coloring. The Stone Age Coloring Book was from ivorybill and were simple little representations of stone age cave drawings like the following;

There are also a couple of nice coloring sheets here of a stone age man and wooly mammoths but we finished the chapter before Catherine got to those so we'll stick them away for later.

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