Wednesday, September 12, 2007

A Pile of Work on Wednesday

We really went at it today. History, science, copy work, math, you name name it, we did it.

1) Math. Catherine passed a Calculadder drill and so got to go on to the next. We also did a few pages from Math Mammoth on multiplying with a number line. Neat stuff and Catherine really enjoyed it.

2) Copy work. Using the Amazing Incredible
Handwriting Worksheet Maker
I made one copy work sheet for Catherine. One because I know from the Calculadder drills how long Catherine takes to write something.

3) History. Another page from World Map Skills, this time on ancient sites related to primitive people and their art. Then we went on to Story of the World and listened to chapter 2 and 3. After we were done with that we went over to the first two lectures from the TTC course on the History of the Ancient Egyptians. The lecturer is Bob Brier and he's fantastic. He's passionate and expressive and even though Catherine didn't think it was as interesting as SOTW (some of the material covered went over her head) she was still getting wrapped up in the lectures. I'd definitely recommend his courses and as luck would have it his course on the Great Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt is on sale! $25 for audio CDs or $20 for a download. Highly Rec commended!

4) Science. I think I may finally have found something that will give me a foundation from which to help the kids learn about science. How to Teach Science has an email course that seems promising. I'll write a longer post on this once I've had a chance to finish the course but so far it's been a relief. The lady who runs the website maintains that there are certain core things kids need to do good science including thinking skills and writing skills and there are certain things we need to give them like rules of science and the basics of atoms and molecules. If we give them the proper basics we'll equip them with what they need better than many elementary curriculums out there.

So anyway, today we watched a couple of Brainpop shorts on atoms and then took the related quizzes. I printed out a periodic table and we'll go through the elements one by one. One resource that will help, is linked to our history and looks fun is Greek Mythology and the periodic Table.

Tommorrow Harry goes to preschool, Catherine goes to help the preschool teacher and I go to my course and choir. No school stuff and probably no post!


kitten said...

Gosh! You have so many great links! Thanks! I'm glad yall are doing so well.

Dawn said...

I LOVE hunting down links and interesting sites so expect a lot of them. :)