Friday, September 21, 2007

Lucky Find

We didn't do much for school work today. After a little bit of grammar review it was pretty obvious that Catherine was working through a fog. She and Harry have a cold and though it doesn't seem to have hampered their spirits or play any it's gotten in the way of her ability to focus on her work. Sure there are times when you should plow through but today wasn't one of them.

History did get a bit of coverage later in the day. We went up to a local thrift store yesterday and I picked through the software and found a game called Exploring Civilization.

I'd never heard of it or seen it before but it was a dollar so I picked it up hoping it might compliment SOTW. I sort of expected it wouldn't be much, certainly not likely to contain anything Catherine didn't know but boy was I wrong. The first activity had a little quiz that asked Catherine to identify who had invaded Egypt around (I think 1600 BC). The Hyksos! Another activity had her matching different icons that represented events and monuments to the cities in Egypt they were related to. And she loved the game! It's seems to be directed at kids a little older than Catherine but it's a fun and challenging resource.

The only link I could find for purchasing the game is here.

Thrift stores and yard sales...Yet again shown to be the best and most interesting way to find your homeschooling resources.


Anonymous said... too, we get tons of cheap books there for a penny!

kitten said...

That is so cool! Isn't great to find such great deals!