Sunday, September 9, 2007

Yard Sailing

Or Yard Saling.

Yesterday was the day of the annual bigger-than-God community yard sale. For my kids and I, only Christmas is better. Last year I got a wardrobe and two bookshelves for the kids' room for $30.

This year however we forgot about it until the night before. Not planning for it meant we didn't have a lot to spend but we went out anyway. My $20 could buy a lot of books and such for homeschooling.

Or it might have if the first sale we stopped at hadn't been a Star Wars collecter with tons of related crap. I stopped because I had seen the pile of boxes on a table that just KNEW were older software boxes. I have a small collection of MS DOS games in my basement that I like to add to on occasion so it looked like I had hit the jackpot.

They weren't DOS games though. They were all classic Star Wars games for Win 95 or later! X-Wing vs Tie Fighter, Dark Forces 1 & 2, Rebellion, etc. Not only were they classics but they were the classics that I and more importantly, my husband, grew up on! It was fantastic to bring those home, show them to my husband and watch his eyes light up. He's already got two installed (they run just fine on XP thank goodness).

I did manage to find some neat craft supplies and puzzle book for the homeschooling but the geek part of me won out. After I sign off here and do a little housework I'm going to be installing Dark Forces II and playing long into the night.

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kitten said...

Man! That sounds great! I wanna go yard saling with you next year! Please~