Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Thomas Recall Result

So last week we got a check from the Thomas Train recall people. It covered the money we spent to send in our one little musical caboose. That was nice as we didn't really expect the postage back. The letter with the check mentioned that we should receive our replacement caboose soon and that a free gift was on the way.

Now when they said free gift I thought maybe a poster or some stickers. Something little that Harry would love but not too expensive.

We got the free gift today and it was Salty!

Not stickers but a $20 wooden engine and a character my son adores! Awesome.

The caboose hasn't come yet but I think it's been forgotten anyhow. Harry is as happy as a pig in shit (as my father says) and is collecting all his engines together so he can properly introduce them to Salty.


Melissa said...

We got a free gift as well, a different character. We also got all of our recalled trains back a few weeks later! and our check for shipping. The kids are thrilled. Best recall ever!! Two brand spankin new James and tenders - three very happy boys :)
I am passing the Nice Matters Award to you. The full text is on my page. I enjoy reading your blog and your evolution resources.

Dawn said...

Aw shucks! Thanks Melissa. :)

I'm going to stick you in my bloglinks now if you don't mind!

Anonymous said...

I just read the comments about how happy everyone and their little ones are. They just got new Thomas toys. I just recieved the replacement toys today. Our replacement caboose is cracked in half (that will have to be replaced and sent back again). What I am really concerned about is the quality of toys we are letting our children play with. I got a letter from RC2 last week with a NEW LIST OF RECALLS!!! and we have 2 on the list. Not only that the 3rd toy we have from Thomas that was recalled is our FREE GIFT! What is up with that!!! A massive recall with poisonous lead paint in our kids toys to be replaced with another lead layden product. I will NOT be buying anything from this company in the future. Buy local or European if you can find it. At least some standards are in place. Well I guess that is my rant today... I have to get on the phone to the Thomas the Lead Paint Engine INC.