Tuesday, November 14, 2006

First post!

I'm now on my third blog! This is quite a departure from my other two blogs as this one does not have comic books as a central theme, but this is one I really needed.

I'm a housewife and homeschooling mom of two, Catherine (8) and Harry (4). We're actually unschoolers and in our house that means little in the way of formal or conventional education. I plan to post stuff from our day together for a few reasons.

First, to motivate myself. One of my other blogs is about my goal to become a comic book penciler. Since I started it I've become more focused on that goal, practiced more, become more determined. I want some of that focus and determination in our homeschooling. We're drifting around lately, not really doing much of anything and it's not a situation that's making anyone happy. So there's that.

Second, so friends and family can check up on us. Many in the family are enthusiatic about what we're doing and would probably enjoy peeking in on our activities. Others aren't so sure of homeschooling and would probably appreciate a reasurring window into our days. I should make it clear however that even those who feel uncertain about homeschooling in general have been unfailingly supportive of our choice. they trust us to raise our children well and that's a great gift that not all homeschooling families have.

Third, to give other homeschoolers an idea of an unschooling or homeschooling day. When I was first considering homeschooling the most valuable information always seemed to be accounts of the nuts and bolts of home education from other homeschoolers. The advice, methods and curricullum all paled beside the usefullness of getting a glimpse into how it actually happened. I gained a lot from those parents that were generous enough to write about their experiences so it's my turn to share.


Cori said...

Hi, Dawn. It's Tink from MV. I'm eagerly awaiting the chance to get a glimpse into your unschooling life. I don't know if you're interested but there is an unschooling blogring that you might enjoy tapping into. Have a great day!

Dawn said...

Cool, Thanks Cori. I'll definately be checking that out as I'm a shameless self-promoterwhen it comes to blogging. :)