Sunday, September 23, 2007

Just Plain Silliness

Most of our Sunday was pretty mundane, we didn't even head out to church. The evening however has been a different story.

On a whim my husband whipped up a chocolate cake after supper. Since there was only 3/4 of a tub of frosting left he of course had to dump it all on the finished cake. Then the candy sprinkles came out and the kids soon made sure the frosting was barely visible under the sprinkles. The husband cut the cake into huge pieces and we all stuffed ourselves.

To burn off the calories dear husband then turned on the dance music channel on our cable. Much ridiculous dancing followed.

After the dancing I was searching for free sound effects on the internet(someone had requested help in a forum I frequent) and mistakenly played a very loud clip of a cat scream. The kids ran in and giggled like mad as we all listened to more cat yowls, firecrackers and F-14 sounds.

One thing though, I realized what a small part sounds play in our homeschooling. I search for videos, worksheets, pictures, etc. but the sound of a duck quacking?

Here are the links (most can be saved by right-clicking on the title and clicking, 'Save Target as...'):

Partners in Rhyme

Absolute Sound Effects Archive

Media College

The evening was topped off by a tea party. Catherine brought out her good china and invited Harry, which tickled him to no end. There was some polite conversation but the party ended as storytime approached and Harry decided he'd rather be a cat.

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