Thursday, September 13, 2007

Strictly Ballroom

I just found out that JJ at Cocking a Snook has a thing for Strictly Ballroom and attributes it to her radical unschooling self. I'm not a radical unschooler in practice anymore but that was the movie that summed up my unschooling ideas. When I was on the Unschooling Discussion email list I brought that up and Sandra Dodd'(whose writing and ideas I need to requaint myself with but that's another post...) said that it was a favourite of hers as well.

I guess I'm wondering who else loves this little gem of a movie and if others see a special relationship between it and their educational philosophy.


kitten said...

Haven't seen that one. My kids wanted to watch a movie and do a report this week instead of me doing a read a loud. I was shocked to find that they pick " where the red fern grows", but glad in a way. It's a classic. I may check this one out. I have been looking for ways to strike up my kids interest in writing and I told them for a few months we would watch movies to write about.

JJ Ross said...

Hi Dawn!
I think I discovered it from Sandra too, as it happens -- and Pam Sorooshian. :)

Dawn said...

It seems to have made the circles then. I didn't realize Pam liked it too though...Probably got mentioned but I forgot it.

childsplay said...

How interesting...this was my favorite movie in college, and I probably haven't watched it since then (jeez, has it really been 15 years?!).

I should watch it again with my new perspective, as I've only really known about/ been doing unschooling the past 2 years. But it's amazed me how I was an unschooler before I ever became an "unschooler", y'know?

Thanks for bringing up this great movie!

Dawn said...

//But it's amazed me how I was an unschooler before I ever became an "unschooler", y'know?//

Yup! Now that I look back I can see some pretty clear patterns that led me to embrace unschooling. Heck, my parents took my siblings and I out of school two springs in a row to drive across Canada, not getting back until fall. I think they brought school books with them but they got ignored somewhere in New Brunswick. :)