Wednesday, September 5, 2007

For Wednesday

Today we didn't do a whole lot. It was the last day I'd be babysitting my nephew before he went back to school so it HAD to be a play day. Right?

A couple of neat things though.

Harry found a half dead moth that, by the time he brought it out to show Catherine and I after handling the poor bugger was about another quarter dead. This led to printing out a moth lifecycle picture from Enchanted Learning. After examining that we wandered off to the living room to look at a book about moths and butterflys.

Catherine wrote a Diamante poem. We used a worksheet from somewhere but I can't find the blasted thing so here's a link to a worksheet that's much better anyway.

Here's the poem;

Chewy the cat and Kia the dog

Rambunctious, Black
Climbing, Chasing, Biting
Bed, Mice, Pedigree, Couch
Eating, Sleeping, Snoring
Crazy, Funny

The 'pedigree' bit is funny. Catherine put it in to exhibit Kia's love of her food - it's her brand. It's also good ironic humour as it's quite obvious from a first glance that Kia is about as far from pedigree as a dog can get. I also just realized that 'farting' never got in there. If there's a participle more appropriate for Kia, I'm not sure what it is.

Next we did some review questions from The Story of the World Activity book. Catherine loved that part so when we got to a worksheet on cave painting I interviewed her instead of having her write out her answers. And damn it, I don't have a link for the worksheet. I'll find it and post it later. Anyhow, the colouring pages I linked to a couple of posts back came in very handy when we ran across a question asking what the predominant themes of cave paintings were.

We were going to wrap up the evening with a viewing of Brother Bear since it has a nice feeling of why those animal cave paintings might have been so important to prehistoric people but guess what? I couldn't find it!

Anyhow, my course starts tommorrow. This years it's the the church from early christianity up until somewhere in the 1700's. Don't be suprised if I start spouting stuff about Augustine and Luther.


kitten said...

Cute poem! Thanks for the page on a Diamante poem. Think I may get mine to try that today, anything to get my middle child interrested. LOL!

Dawn said...

I'm trying to find some ways to get in the grammar that aren't quite so, um, boring as our Easy Grammar 3/4 book can be.

Of course I also realized we haven't done much with the very basics so tommorrow Catherine gets some capitalization worksheets.