Wednesday, April 18, 2007

A Response. Part, the first.

When do you find time to be alone, to go on a date or to they gym? How do you achieve balance for your adult life? I'm hopeful that you have an adult part of your life.

Pissed Off Housewife asks this question over at her blog.

My answer? When we go out we arrange for a babysitter to look after the children. I thought this was what most parents do. Have I been wrong all this time?

Maybe there are things about sending kids to school I never knew of. Perhaps they make schools available after hours so parents can drop off the kids before heading in for dinner and a movie? Maybe the teachers are all on call for emergency childcare? Maybe...Oh, I hope this isn't it...The schools install 'off' switches in the kids that school parents can simply flip at their convenience for a night off?

Dear God.

Not off switches.

A plea to any school parents out there. Please just call a sitter. Please! You'll know them either by their pimples, pronounced slouch and Babysitting course certificates or their grey hair and the propensity for your children to call them 'Nanny' or 'Papa'.

Please, resist the temptation to use the off switches. Oh lord, the poor children. Think of the children.


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