Thursday, September 13, 2007

'Two Awesome Women

Two women have really had me thinking lately. They're pretty much polar opposites and if they ever sat down for a cup of tea together I would NOT want to be there because I imagine it would be one long, awkward silence but they're both still awesome.

The first is Michelle Duggar.

Yes her. The fundamentalist christian mom with 16 or 17 kids. There's probably not one point of politics or religion I'd agree with her on but this is obviously a woman who loves kids and not only loves them but knows how to create a stable and caring home for them. Further, I think she recognizes the real value of what she does for her family and is secure and confident in that. Our differences aside, I can see a lot in her that's worthy of admiration.

The second is Kathy Griffin.

Here's a woman who's probably closer to me politically but still leagues away in terms of religion. From what I gather, she's an atheist. I'm fairly sure a christian or even fellow believer of another faith wouldn't say what she did at the Emmy Awards...

Can you believe this shit? Hell has frozen over. Suck it, Jesus, this award is my god now.

I suppose some think I should be offended. I'm not. It was a funny line. It was also a brave one. The US is not an easy or even sometimes a safe place to make fun of religion, especially on prime time TV. Too many people are too willing to get offended instead of turning the other cheek. Kathy Griffin had the courage to offend and to go for the laugh even when it would most likely lead to finger wagging, censorship and threats. How is that not admirable?


kitten said...

WOW! I knew about the 1st lady, but not the 2nd. They are 2 awesome women. You are right, people are so ready to judge and get their panties in a wod over things they don't even understand.

Anonymous said...

Oh, no. I must be watching too much tv because I've seen programs on both these women just recently. My reactions were the same as yours. And, I agree that it wouldn't be good to be in the same room if the two were to sit down for tea. :O

Cory P. said...

Found you through the Evolved Homeschooler wiki :)

I wouldn't want to be in the same room either...but I would totally watch it on Kathy's show because she'd be able to make the meeting pretty darn funny ;-)

JJ Ross said...

So you homeschool, and blog about evolution and science, is that right "cory p."? -- we (evolved hsers) like to know who we're talking to, since recently there have been some liars and thieves trawling our blogs and mispresenting themselves. And you didn't introduce yourself or link to any blog;I'm sure you understand.

Cory said...

As of last night...I didn't have a specific homeschooling blog...but I set one up today on blogspot. It's at Just have my introductory post up for now, but it also links to my Y360 and Myspace which have my "general" blogs.

Yep, we're a homeschooling family. I'm a single parent and an atheist and am thrilled with the great homeschooling blogs I've found through the evolved homeschooler wiki and then checking out who everyone there is reading ;)

Sorry to just pop in with a comment like that and not tell you who I am *blushes*

Dawn said...

No worries Cory. I'm glad you gave us a link though, it's a great way to jump into the community of evolved homeschoolers. :)

JJ Ross said...

Me too, thanks Cory. Nice to meet you. :)