Thursday, August 21, 2008

What is this?

Last Wednesday I was leaning on my elbows with my chin resting on my palms listening to a friend. After awhile I got up and noticed that half my hand had fallen asleep. I got pins and needles and most of the numbness went away. Most of it. Over a week later and the outside edge of my hand and my baby finger still feel partly numb.

Did I so some nerve damage that day?

Yes, yes, I''ll call the doctor (have to anyway) but has this happened to anyone else? It's really not a big deal - more a nuisance then anything but I'm curious now.


Frankie said...

It has happened to me, but the numbness hasn't lasted that long. A day at the most.

I have issues from my court reporting days where I had to get cortisone injections and they were worried about carpal tunnel. That's one of the signs of carpal tunnel, where half your hand goes to sleep. My numbness splits right down the middle of my ring finger.

Do check it out.

Anonymous said...

I had that happen to me before. When the numbness didn't go away after 3 days, I went to the chiropractor (a good sports medicine one) and by the time I got home from his office, all the feeling had returned.

Andrea R said...

I did! I leaned on my office chair the wrong way. My arm hurt and was mostly useless for a good week.

Lynn said...

I was going to mention what Frankie already said about carpal tunnel.

Good luck :)