Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Finding What Works

I've been slowly plugging away at place value with Harry. Very slowly. Now I don't mean he's slow. I mean that we work a couple of days a week for maybe ten minutes at a time. Partly because that's about all he'll cheerfully take and partly because I just forget to do it with him. But it works. We can work at it for a total of twenty minutes one week and yet he gets it when the next week rolls along.

Aside from the Math U See videos and worksheets I made two helpers. One was suggested by the curriculum and those big, colourful, bristol board houses under the red dragon and behind the butterfly net are it. It's a set of place value houses for the MUS blocks. They held Harry's interest for about 4 minutes.

The second set of helpers were just some place value cards. I made a set for Catherine when she was younger and so made a set for Harry and just matched the colours of the cards to the colour of the proper MUS blocks. These he loved.

I think there's a game supplement where MUS recommends place value cards but damn it, I'm claiming creative genius on this one.

In any case he's done well with place value. I'll review it a bit this week but next week we'll move on to addition. I'm fairly sure he'll zoom through that.


molytail said...

Is there a story behind that interesting dragon?? :-)

Every kid is different in what they prefer eh.... Now Cindy would have loved the whole house thing when she was learning that - heck, I may show her that anyway even though she understands place value.. it's an added "image" ....

Guess what? We pick Blair up tonight at 10:30 at the airport...he's home for two weeks!

Dawn said...

Whoo hoo! That'll be wonderful for you guys.

The dragon is a Christmas present from my sister. She also got them a tiger and picked it up at an Asian import store while we were in Victoria for my brother's wedding last year.

molytail said...

Yeah - I wish he was here longer, but...better 2 weeks than not at all! We're still tossing around the idea of all of us moving out there...my cousin (also out there - cousin is my best friend, like a brother to me) might buy a house and we'd "rent" and live with him... it's all still up in the air... if we do it, it might be me, driving 2 kids and a pile of cats across country. Yikes! LOL

Ahhh...thanks for explaining the dragon - I'm awful nosy eh? LOL