Wednesday, August 6, 2008

A Joy to Receive

I got Life of Fred: Fractions in the mail today. I'm posting about it because it was so beautifully shipped. First I took it out of a stiff envelope. Then I took it out of a cardboard slip. Then I unwrapped the paper that had been wrapped around the book 11 1/2 times (you know what that means. Each full section divided into two centuries so I can have an instant timeline to stick on the wall that covers 2,300 years! Whoo hoo!) and then pulled off the plastic wrap. The book was in perfect shape and even autographed by the author in a colur that matched the cover.

Now there's a man that not only loves the subject of math but loves sharing it with people and loves each book he mails out.

Thank you Stanley Schmidt!


lorraine m said...

Well you sold me... I just read the first chapter and loved it. He can thank you for a referral sale.

BTW the Creativity Express ppl emailed me back and say shipping to Canada is $5 USPS, not $20+ UPS, but I can find no option for same on the order page. When they answer *that* question I'll forward it to you so you know how to get the cheap shipping.

Jacqueline said...

wahooo!!! Glad for this bit of sunshine in your otherwise cloudy days. Hopefully it will be the means of much more sunshine. :)