Friday, August 1, 2008

Orson Scott Card - This Guy is a Writer?

I have to wonder.

Here's why - State job is not to redefine marriage.

Read it if you wish but be warned, there's not a well-thought out point or reasonable bit in the whole piece. It's a bit of a shock to realize the screeching hysteric who wrote this rambling and in parts, outright dishonest, rant is the same man who can pen such fantastic, thoughtful and graceful works of sci-fi.

An example:

Already in several states, there are textbooks for children in the earliest grades that show "gay marriages" as normal. How long do you think it will be before such textbooks become mandatory -- and parents have no way to opt out of having their children taught from them?

And if you choose to home-school your children so they are not propagandized with the "normality" of "gay marriage," you will find more states trying to do as California is doing -- making it illegal to take your children out of the propaganda mill that our schools are rapidly becoming.

Either he's horribly uninformed (seems to be an acceptable thing these days. Even people in favour of homeschooling can exhibit the qualities of a Lessenberry it seems) or baldfaced lying. The California case had nothing to do with homosexuality in any respect. The state isn't trying to do anything and in fact was, in the wake of the judges comments about homeschooling, extremely supportive.

The only good thing is that the above quote comes fairly early in the article so I felt excused from having to slog through the rest of the stupidity. If an author goes that wrong so quickly, the duty to give him a fair reading evaporates faster than pee on a hot sidewalk.

How embarrassing for him.


Lorraine M said...

Perhaps he's been associating with this guy:

I just got done reading it on a news site but I'll spare you that as it was full of gory sidebars. Makes me sad... Makes perfect sense, hate liberals, so blow away people in a church. Lovely.

Lorraine M said...

Oh I love this little gem...

"In an era when birth control and abortion make childbearing completely optional, the number of out-of-wedlock births shows the contempt that many women have for marriage.

Yet most of these single mothers still demand that the man they chose not to marry before having sex with him provide financial support for them and their children -- while denying the man any of the rights and protections of marriage."

Holy jeeze.