Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I'm Sick of Homeschooling Socialization

Today I have 6 kids in the house. My 2, their 2 cousins and a couple of girls my daughter's age. School work was put aside because the two girls have been friends of my daughter's forever but aren't local. They come here only when they're supposed to be visiting my neighbour, their grandmother.

Yesterday I had 5 kids. My 2, their 2 cousins and a daughter of a friend of mine who's 6 and fast becoming one of those kids who's practically family. That was okay. Great kid and her mom, a fantastic friend of mine, came by after for coffee, supper and gossip.

Saturday we were at my parent's house and there was a neighbourhood boy of 12 who came by to play with their dog. And my kids.

Last week their were no cousins but two neighbourhood sisters, one 10 and the other 6, who like my kids and LOVE our toys. I'm fearing their knock at the door today because the house might explode.

This is what homeschooling socialization looks like when we're doing nothing but staying in a house, waiting for the knocks on the door. Never mind Girl Guides and soccer and whatever else my kids want to do.

So the real problem of homeschooling socialization? There's too damn MUCH of it!

UPDATE: My worst fears are realized. The other two girls came over. I'm at 8 kids now. Thankfully it's a nice day and I can keep them outside.


kitten said...

I know that is a lot of kids, but have you thought of doing some kind of co-op with them to keep them satisfied? Just a thought. Please don't throw something at me.

Dawn said...

LOL! There's nothing close enough for me to throw at the moment! :D

Most of them will be heading back to school in a week so it's not a big deal. When it's just the kids I'm babysitting (the cousins) as opposed to all the neighbourhood kids who I'm not, it's not a big deal anyway.

I was thrown for a bit of a loop though. One of the neighbourhood kids arrived with no shoes. Fine. Kids go barefoot all the time. But then she came in the house and proceeded to tell me she wasn't allowed to go outside without shoes! Huh? I found some old socks and sent her out in Harry's rubber boots. When she left she had to go home in socked feet.


molytail said...

I've had a housefull like that before too - yeah, so much for the whole hs'ers don't socialize eh? LOL

(odd about the shoes - she walked there and THEN said she had to have shoes? Kids....! )

chicago_mom said...

I have that problem too. People who don't homeschool seem to think we are the drop-off point for their kids anytime and the neighborhood kids are always stopping by. And, around here, the kids are kinda needy and ask for stuff a lot and are all looking for a mother to give them attention, so I can't just let them go play. I know what you mean is what I'm trying to say...

Dawn said...

I've got needy ones too! I know the poor kids are looking for something they need but I'm a weirded out by a strange kid ambushing me with a hug everytime I turn around.