Monday, August 25, 2008

I Want a New House

I've been looking at MLS listings for the past 6 months. Yes, I know we're supposed to buy land and build a passive solar home but darn it, in the meantime I want another house. The current one has 5 rooms (yes, total). It's 780 sq. feet. My daughter is on the brink of teenagerness and still sharing a room with her brother.

This is the house I want right now.

A peek inside.

It's on 13 acres. It has 4 bedrooms. It has 2656 square feet. It's a well known house in the area and it would be well within our price range. It's a bit of a dream home that I can't even believe we can afford.

Only problem? See the first picture? That was likely taken from the train tracks. Train noise, I can deal with. I live next door to an open pit mine. But my husband's visions of a 70 car freight train derailing onto our house? Maybe not.

Still, it's darn purdy. Hope that pesky train track problem keeps it on the market until I can convince my husband that diesel engines aren't that heavy.



molytail said...

Oh it's so cute! It looks like a little english cottage thing or something. But hmmm.... Harry might find it somewhat intriguing to have life size train bits in the living room, but I suspect the rest of you may not.

Dawn said...

It's a house I've admired since I was a kid. I think it needs some work (the kitchen is suspiciously absent from the listing photos) but it's so darn nice.

I'd be tempted to ditch the solar house idea, insulate the living crap out of that one and install geothermal heating.

I just don't think the hubby would go for it.

Of course, we'd also still have this one to sell. Or maybe rent. Another problem.

lorraine m said...

2600 sq. feet is a lot of feet! You will definitely need a Roomba! (I call mine Jeeves) :-)

Frankie said...

I love the house. And it appears to be old, so just look at it this way: A train hasn't hit it yet! Right? Chances must be very slim.

Dawn said...

Good point - It's 135 years old so heck, it's lasted until now.

Here are the inside specs if anyone is interested. I'm drooling over the second floor Master bedroom size...

Second level
Master bedroom : 14.7 X 15
Other : 12.6 X 9 (DRESSING)
Bedroom : 13.5 X 15
Other : 9 X 13 (DRESSING)
Bath (# pieces 1-6) : 1 X 4 PC

Main level
Living room : 14.6 X 15
Dining room : 14.6 X 15
Kitchen : 13.9 X 14.2
Other : 8 X 6.3 (PANTRY)
Bedroom : 10 X 13.6
Bedroom : 10 X 13.6
Bath (# pieces 1-6) : 1 X 4 PC
Foyer : 10.8 X 8

A dressing room would turn into a bedroom. The bedrooms downstairs could be a library and a playroom. It's got a pantry...Oh shucks.

I've got a horrible case of house lust and I just KNOW my husband will have me talked out of it by Monday seeing as he's home for the weekend.

Zelda said...

Hey, that *is* a dream house. And hey, you might not even been home when the train derails. You have to think positive.