Sunday, August 31, 2008

Think They're Trying to Telling Us Something?

So was puttering around on the Internet looking for some Nova Scotia history resources when I thought I'd check out what our provincial department of education has. All their curriculum documents are online so I started there.

It was a lost cause. What I was hoping for was some kind of comprehensive scope and sequence but what they offer are thick documents filled with 'Essential Graduated Learnings' and 'Key Stage Curriculum Outcomes'. My brain fuzzed, my eyes crossed and my jaw slackened. I finally found what I was after on a different page but it wasn't really worth the time it took to find it.

I did find a link to the correspondence courses the province offers to kids in grade 7 and up. Wondering what they might involve I clicked the sample unit from the Grade 7 English course. Here is literally, the very first sentence:

Background to the story: “Alfred the Great” is about a boy who has not learned to read because he has not gone to school.

Are they trying to send those taking the courses at home a message?


kathy said...

LOL! Well, I would say it definitely pays to read everything including the small print. :)

Becky said...

That's why he burned the cakes, right? Because he couldn't read the instructions in the cookbook?

You gotta love provincial education departments. Or not :)