Wednesday, August 6, 2008

My Country Song

My well ran dry. My water pump has lost it's prime. The basement door has a ten inch wasp nest above it.

On the brighter side I've got a load of water on order for today, I may be able to ask my father-in-law into priming to pump for me this evening and the wasps seem content to let me go in and out of the basement for now.

But shucks, that coupled with the emotional stuff over the weekend and a family member angry with me...I'm about ready to put down my head and cry.

This week sucks. It has my permission to end now.


Jacqueline said...

Oh dear! I hate days like times like that! Hope everything clears up and straightens out quickly.

Heather said...

Sounds like you need a moaning coon dog (covered in ticks of course) and a shot or two of whiskey. But I'm sure some good chocolate would do. :)

Hope the rest of the week works out better for you.

Dawn said...

It's already better. The pump's not primed yet (it's being a pain) but the well is full. The wasps are fine if I leave them alone and they're positively catatonic at night which is why they DIE tommorrow after dark.

Plus, that family member and I had a fantastic talk in which I learned to just shut up and listen and we worked stuff out. Turns out I'm not always right and at times, I'm a jerk. Don't be shocked, it's true.

Oh yes, plus I had a nap after posting the complaints. Things get better when you have a little sleep under your belt.