Saturday, August 16, 2008

Deep in the Throes of Addiction

Okay. I know I already posted the curriculum we're using. I know I'm trying to get back to something more relaxed.

Problem is, I have an enabler.

My husband came back for a couple of days and on Friday I proudly showed him all my plans and all the curriculum.

"What about cursive writing?"


"Writing," he said, "You've been saying Catherine's really slow with her writing and I know she's interested in learning cursive. What about something for writing?"

I agreed. But, I agreed if I could spend money on it. My reasoning is that I am much more consistent when I have a formal program. He shrugged. I grinned and went off to the computer to spend money.

After much research I settled on Peterson Directed Handwriting. It was one of the few courses that wasn't only pieced out in meager little year-by-year dribbles. Catherine could start and end the Advanced Cursive kit in the same year. And it was cheap. Cheap, cheap, cheap. Always good, even if we do have money now.

(Which I still can't get used to. There's a certain thrill in buying chicken thighs not because they're under your price per pound threshold and you intend to stock up but just because you feel like eating chicken thighs! I've also recently bought new underwear and socks. Just because I wanted to!)

Then, wouldn't you know it, the backordered Philosophy For Kids finally arrived.

My fingers itched. A new bit of curriculum ordered and another one on my bookshelf. Oh boy. There must be something else I could buy?

There was. Megawords 1 and 2 are heading my way.

Oh Lord.

That's it. I almost grabbed a phonics program for Harry, but thankfully I summoned a mental picture of him rolling his eyes at me and walking away before I clicked it into the shopping cart. Alas poor Catherine...It's the innocents that suffer when addiction gets its claws into a loved one.

I promise I'll stop now. I have everything I need and everything I wanted. Besides, Christmas is coming. The kids will want curriculum for Christmas, right?


Anonymous said...

Ooooh, so *that's* why I need to spend money on formal programs. To be consistent!

molytail said...

The kids will want curriculum for Christmas, right?

Sure they do! *grin*

(Your Peterson link has gone wonky, btw)

We've got megawords 1 & 2 here as well - got them last year but held off on them (it was part of my 'too much' stuff) ...bringing them back this year, I think.

I know what you mean about being able to buy things - it's weird, isn't it.

Dawn said...

Fixed the link...thanks!

VERY weird and it still sends me into giggles. We were at McDonald's the other day and saw the signs for the Olympic glasses. Shannon and I looked at each other with a grin and we both new that if they had the whole set we were buying them all! The kind of absolute silliness we couldn't afford at one point.

Alas, they only had the green critter one. But if they'd had them all...:D

molytail said...

I haven't seen those glasses - but I saw the commercial the other day and they're adorable! :-D

Yeah - I bought Cindy two pairs of sandals the other day just because I could ...she looked confused for a moment when I brought them home and then got all excited and tried them on. :-)

Dana said...

Yes, curriculum for Christmas. Definitely. I actually hate workbooks, so what do my children want? Workbooks.

What a joy.

But stuff out of catalogs? Who cares if I even know what I would use it for. It's all so shiny and glossy and full of potential!

Amber said...

. Besides, Christmas is coming. The kids will want curriculum for Christmas, right?

Trust me, this thought has definitely crossed my mind more than once. ;)