Monday, June 30, 2008

Byzantine Rulers - Free Lectures!

My nephew and niece are up today and that means much loneliness for me. Occasionally I have to step in and say stuff like, "Okay guys, time to clean that up," or, "I think you guys should eat now," or, "Do I have to tie you guys up to the flagpole, pull you up to the top and let you flap in the breeze for the rest up the day?" But really I'm mostly left by myself as the kids drag out board games, barbies or craft supplies. Catherine even manages to mediate most of the tiffs and hurt feelings ("I'll deal with it Mom"). Talk about feeling left out.

Never fear though. there's always the Internet and a Google search for history lectures can turn up some marvelous finds to occupy a bored mom (Don't say that. Of course I know there's always cleaning but I don't want to go there, thank you very much).

12 Byzantine Rulers is a fantastic series of lectures by Lars Brownworth. Ever thought all the fun died when Christianity came into the picture? Not so! the Byzantine rulers could be every bit as fantastic or depraved as any of the emperors before Constantine. The politics, people, wars were as interesting...And Mr. Brownworth does a wonderful job with an even and engaged delivery.

Next time the kids don't need you or you've managed to lock them in a closet for a bit, have a listen.


Jacqueline said...

Oh to have a day like that! :)

molytail said...

I'm afraid I'd take the cleaning LOL ...I don't know what it is, but I just can't focus on audio recordings like that - now, if it was a video recording, yes (so long as the speaker is engaging and doesn't just drone on staring at the camera)....I love watching documentaries with great speakers and lots of "stuff" to see....

However, I know there's LOTS of people out there who love audio stuff, books on tape, and the like, so I bet they'll be bookmarking it! Actually, even I bookmarked it. I bookmark everything. My bookmark list goes on foreeeeeeever. :-P