Saturday, June 7, 2008

I Missed the Spong!

I learned today that the ever-so-famous, retired Episcopal BishopJohn Spong was speaking in town. That would have been tonight, only $20 and I could have had a ride in.


But I was already committed to going to my in-laws for a birthday B-B-Q for my Mother-in-Law.

The truth is that I'm not really torn up about this. I have the most fantastic in-laws and had a great time today. I just wish Mr. Spong could have been a little more considerate of my family commitments and held his talk tomorrow. Then I could have had a blast with my family and graced Mr. Spong's lecture with my presence.



molytail said...

I'm completely confused about the stuff in the wikipedia article regarding what he believes - or rather, doesn't believe? -- But...and this is an important But...

The man has the BEST NAME EVER.

Really. I mean, Spong? How awesome can you get? *grin*

Dawn said...

He believes but not in a traditional theist model. Very different and interesting guy.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I posted a comment on this before this one, but it appears to be lost, hmmmmm.

One of Spong's books just happens to be in my library bag! I went there yesterday to get C.S. Lewis's "Mere Christianity" and it was gone! I was so miffed... the library sucks here, you can't reserve online! Anyway, I grabbed "A New Christianity for a New World" without even knowing what it was or who wrote it. What a coinkydink! Looking forward to reading it now that I know who he is, LOL.