Thursday, June 19, 2008

Home Movies. Yes, You Do Have to Watch Them.

Today was Harry's preschool graduation. Despite the fact that he enjoys preschool when he's there, getting ready to go isn't something he always enjoys and when he realized there was no more preschool after today, his reaction was along the lines of, "Thank the Lord!"

A picture of how cute they looked before the concert.

Since this is my blog I have every right to torture you with movies of the concert. But, since I am a kind and caring blogger I will only subject you to two.

The first movie was a dance. A group of kids, Harry included, decided they wanted to dance on stage to I Want to Move it. The boys gave the stage a good butt-polish (Harry is the tall one in the white shirt and red vest). Note the girl that doesn't move. She is not afraid. She was giving the audience a death stare because we dared laugh. My husband cut off the video too soon and missed the part where all the kids exited the stage but her. She stood there, staring daggers at all the parents, until my sister managed to talk her down. This worries me. She's obviously destined for a life of world domination and unfortunately, marked Harry as her betrothed several weeks ago. Poor lad.

The next video is of Catherine. She was the Special Helper at the preschool this year and while the other kids got their certificates the teachers surprised Catherine with a bouquet of flowers. What's in the video though is her reading her favourite poem, Let No One Suppose, by James Reeves. She was confident, clear and even added some nice emphasis in parts. I was wearing a huge, goofy grin through her whole reading.

Just a note: My husband did the video. If it had been me the lighting would have been better and I would have zoomed in. As it is I'm going to have to have Catherine into the studio for looping. *sigh* Amateurs.


christinemm said...

LOL at the happiness for preschool being over. Love it.

Anonymous said...

Is that a Christmas/winter ornament behind Catherine's head? LOL...

molytail said...

That's an adorable picture! And thanks for sharing the videos - cute!

Cindys says she likes Catherine's outfit :-)