Tuesday, June 24, 2008

You Atheists Annoy Me

Well, you don't all annoy me (but the generality makes for a punchier title, eh?). Just those of you on atheist message boards who are all reasonable and clear thinking when it comes to religion or politics but become irrational weenies who resort to anecdotes and unsupported claims when the subject of homeschooling comes up. It's the willing devolution into Lessenberrys that gets me.

This is especially bad when the whole reason I go to atheist message boards is for the clear-thinking, rational discussions. Yes, I like the snark and cursing too but it's mostly the other stuff. What frigging right do those posters have to dash my expectations of them? What right do they have to get so messy, emotional and...human?


molytail said...

Curiosity, cat, all of that. ;-)

Freethinker said...

I had a similar experience recently on an afairyist board that I frequent. We were discussing the hidden agenda of Waldorf schools, namely to indoctrinate children with dogma about fairies and gnomes. The discussion was polite, coherent and rational until someone suggested that homeschooling is preferable to Waldorf schools.

Dawn said...

Never heard the term afairyist before...Googled it and I like it! :D

I think it's selective reasoning and I think the most rational amongst us are susceptible to it, it's just a matter of whether we're willing to admit it or not.