Saturday, June 14, 2008

Yard Sailing for Homeschool Supplies

A local church holds a big yard sale once a year and yoday was the day so Catherine and I got up early and arrived at the church just in time for the opening of the doors. We got tons of neat stuff. Tons.

The biggest hit? Okay, aside from the soft stuffed Thomas the Tank Engine that Harry is currently snuggling with.

Why something I picked up just because it was 25 cents and not because I had any real expectations of it:

It's a kit with cards that have words and corresponding pictures on them. The words are actually punched out so that the foam letters that come with the kit can be placed in the holes in order. I thought it was gimmicky when I saw it but when Harry saw it? He loved it.

He's been playing with it, off and on, since I brought it home. Again, having something to hold in his hands (like the Math-U-See blocks) and manipulate seems to make all the difference for him. He's sorting the letters, fitting them in, telling me their sounds and then spelling the word.

Hands on. That's the key with him. At some point I'll remember that for good.

BTW - the only information I could find on the books was here, at the website of a company that sells books through people's place of work. A weird setup but apparently the only place the book is sold.


oregonjade said...

my sister had something that was the same or very similar when we were kids... i think it may have been a different book in the series, or perhaps an older edition. no clue where my mom might have obtained it, but it might well have been through something like ABC distributing,

molytail said...

Yard sales rock. Although for a packrat, they're a bit treacherous. Just ask my basement how I know. :-P

Great find! (and awesome price!)